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Adventures and Experiences

Adventures and Experiences

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At some point in each of our lives, we reach a pivotal point where we decide it is time for growth. We want to learn new things about ourselves, fall in love with who we are, overcome a bad experience, get over a break-up, or to simply just find ourselves.

Some people resort to distractions & vice, others resort to holistic retreats, healers, & meditation. When I’ve been at my lowest, my loneliest, or even my happiest, I resorted to adventure. I found myself by getting lost in the unfamiliar, until it became familiar, and doing things that were uncomfortable, until they became comfortable.

Thanks to these experiences, I turned what was once fear and vulnerability into lessons and courage. I pushed passed my perceived limitations, to uncover a me I did not know was there. And what I found EVERY SINGLE TIME, was a wonderful liberating experience in that new reality.

If you're looking for a fresh start, to understand yourself better and to grow,you need to get uncomfortable.

Secluded, remote and UNTRACEABLE

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