Tracy Harmoush

Speaker & Entrepreneur

Tracy was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up there with her 2 older siblings before her parents decided to move back to their home country, Lebanon, after spending 10 years abroad. Tracy graduated from University at the age of 21 and moved to Dubai and started her finance career as a Trader at Citigroup. She spent 10 years in Investment Banking before making the decision to shift direction completely & build her own business & brand.

Tracy is an investment banker turned speaker & entrepreneur and has become one of the most influential voices for women and new entrepreneurs in the region.


Tracy is the Founder & CEO of Untraceable, Managing Partner of the creative production house, The Fifth Kind Productions, Managing Partner & Chief Marketing Officer of the UAE-born traditional Arabic ice-cream brand, Mama Booza and Host of the What They Don't Tell Us Podcast.


Tracy has received several awards acknowledging her work as an influencer & entrepreneur. She recieved The Arab Woman Award in 2020 for having the biggest community impact in the fitness industry throughout the Pandemic when she launched her fitness App. She also received the Fitness Influencer Award of the Year in 2022 at the MENA Content Creator Awards and most recently, the Influencer of the Year award from Entrepreneur Magazine at the Virtuzone Awards in 2023.


With an ever-growing social media presence, Tracy uses her voice & her platforms to talk about the journey towards growth in spite of time, age, social pressure & perceived limitations. Tracy encourages curiosity and an open dialogue about controversial discussions on her platform with her audience. She leads by exemplifying what the possibilities are when adopting a growth mindset and building your mental toughness muscle, through emotional, physical, and mental challenges.  

Tracy lives by the ethos: Staying curious. Keep growing. You’re not too old. And it’s not too late.