Parallette - Minis


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My true love for training started when I discovered parallettes. I was 31 when I got introduced to the bars for the first time, and just a few months later, I was working all types of skills on them! All it took was some guidance and consistency. I trained on all

types of parallettes but what I never seemed to find was a pair that was mobile enough that I can take anywhere with me, with just the right grip & size. So I created my own wooden parallettes!

You may just see wooden bars… but I see a strength in you that you never knew existed. The kind of strength I found in myself that I wish I had discovered sooner.

You may just see wooden bars... 

For now. ;) 

Download the LIVE with Tracy App and join the beginner to Parallettes program and let me guide you on this journey of self-discovery. 

Parallette - MINIS

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